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Collection F.A.Q.

What is the difference between a binder and a list?

Collection binders are meant for cards that you own. You can name them after your physical binders so that when looking for a card you can easily see where it is stored. The decks functionality can use these to check which cards you are missing.

Lists are meant for those cards that you might want to track but you don’t necessarily own. For example, wishlists, buylists, etc.

Which cards am I missing?

The collection feature provides an option Collector, which you can use to group the cards in your collection by different criteria (Set, colors, type…) and show you which cards you have and which cards you are missing from those groups. You can also use this option with arbitrary search filters (E.g: Angel cards). You can access it by clicking on the Collector button in the binder or All collection screen.

How do I edit multiple cards?

You can edit multiple cards at once by selecting them (just long press on a card) and clicking on the Pencil edit button. This will open a dialog where you can change different properties for all the selected cards.

How do I move some copies from one stack of cards?

You can do a partial move by starting a selection and then pressing the upper/lower region of the card to change the amount of cards selected before doing an action.

How do I add a complete set?

You can add complete sets to a binder or list from the + floating button in the binder/list screen. There is an Add set section where you can look for the set you want to add.