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Import and export decks


To import a deck you can do so from the floating button at the bottom in the decks screen.

There are two main ways to import decklists.

Text import

ManaBox tries to support multiple text formats automatically, but generally the most standard format is as follows. This is the format MTG Arena and most websites use.

4 Tarmogoyf
3 Verdant Catacombs (MH2) 260
2 Surgical Extraction

The set and the number are optional.

Chances are that if you use other format it will just work, if it doesn’t work right and it includes the number and the name of the card feel free to contact us so we can take a look.

Sometimes some websites use different names or set codes, in that case it would be necessary to update them manually.

URL import

ManaBox supports importing deck links from these websites:

  • Aetherhub
  • Archidekt
  • Deckstats
  • Moxfield
  • MTGGoldfish
  • Scryfall
  • TappedOut
  • TCGplayer

And of course deck links from ManaBox, although those links should open in the app. But if needed you can import one using the import from URL functionality.

If you want to import decks from any website not listed here, feel free to contact us.


To export a deck you can do so from the top right three dots menu inside a deck. Here you have two options, Export which creates a text file as a mean to reimport back, in other ManaBox for example. Or Share which has additional options for better customization.

Share options

  • Link
  • Custom text file. Here you have options to group the cards by different properties, or even generate a list without version information, just the card names by using the group printings option. Another use for this is exporting your missing cards.