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Getting started

The collection functionality in ManaBox helps you keep your collection digitally tracked helping you find the cards you need when building your favorite decks or trading with friends. It also allows you to check which cards are going up or down in value so you know the value of your collection.

There are two differentiated entities in the collection.


This is where your owned cards go. If you mirror your physical organization ManaBox can help you find where the cards are when searching for them in real life by showing you the name of the binder where they are stored.

Binders are considered by the app when showing you if you can build a deck or not.


Lists are meant for those cards that you might want to track but you don’t necessarily own. For example, wishlists, buylists, etc.

Deck integration

The app provides a system to keep track of your physical decks alongside your binders. This is explained in the corresponding decks section Decks in the collection.