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Getting started

The app includes a card scanner that uses your device’s camera to automatically detect the card you have. This is extremelly convenient to quickly start tracking your whole collection and decks.

Scanning tips

To have a better experience scanning your cards we recommend the following:

  • Use a plain colored background with good contrast like a white sheet of paper. This improves the chances of the scanner to correctly pick the borders of the card.

  • Likewise, good lightning conditions, avoiding glares in the cards and shadows.

  • Try to avoid overlaping cards as it might interfere with the border detection.

  • It should work with sleeves, but the glare added by the plastic by some lights might make it fail to find the borders.

We try to make the scanner work in all kind of situations, but if you try to follow these steps and you are still having issues we would appreciate if you could send us a few sample photos with the backgrounds you are using so we can better tune the algorithm.

Scanner UI example