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Here are some of the most common general questions/issues about the app. For more specific questions you can reach out via any of the provided methods linked in the top bar.

There are also specific FAQs for the following features:

How do I get started?

The app is available on iOS and Android, through the App Store and Google Play respectively.

We have guides to get started with decks and collection.

When will the new set be added?

We usually include new cards after the full set spoiler is done. So you can expect new cards a few days after that. The app checks automatically for updates, but we also notify on Discord when the new cards are available.

How to sync between devices?

This is currently our main development focus. We hope to have it finished on 2024.

Is there a desktop or web app?

Alongside syncing this is our other focus at the moment. We have plans for a desktop (Windows/macOS/Linux) app instead of a web app.

Is there a lifetime purchase option?

Not at the moment, and we don’t have plans to add such option in the near future. We are constantly working and improving the app, so there are ongoing costs that only a subscription model can support.

I don’t want to see digital cards

In the settings screen, General section, there is an option to show/hide them in the searches.

Why are double sided tokens missing from the app?

Double sided tokens have different combinations of the same token. If we added all of them it would clutter the search results and UI. Not only that, but the way these tokens are layed out interfeers quite a lot with the “missing cards” and “collector” functionality.

Will you add support for X card game?

For now we are focusing on core features regarding card collection and management applied to Magic: The Gathering. But in the future we want to experiment with other games.