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Missing cards

When building a deck you probably would want to know which cards you have in your collection and in your other decks. From the deck screen you can use the collection icon to show you a overview of what you have available and what you are missing.

Missing cards

Here are the cards for which you don’t have enough or none copies to build the deck.

Partially missing cards

You own some copies of this card, but not enough. In this example the deck specified 4 copies, but there is only 1 in the collection.

Partial cards icon

Missing cards

You don’t own any copies of this card.

Missing cards icon

Available cards

Here are all the cards for which you have enough copies to build the deck. The app will distinguish if you have exact versions or other versions from the ones specified in the deck.

Exact versions

The specified versions are available in the collection.

Available with exact versions icon

Other versions

The specified cards are available in the collection, but with a different version.

Available in other versions icon