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Card scanner F.A.Q.

How do I change the version of the scanned card?

The scanner detects cards using the art, so when a card has been printed with the same art more than once it’s possible that the version it detects is not the one you are scanning. In that case you can change the version by tapping the Set icon + number displayed in the bottom controls.

I’m only scanning a set, how do I avoid changing the set all the time?

In the scanner settings you can “lock” an specific set so that only versions from that set are scanned.

I’m having issues scanning a card

It’s possible that the scanner fails with some card, as there are more than 100K different Magic: the Gathering cards. If you are following the best practices specified in our Getting started guide and you are still having issues, please contact us with some pictures of the failing cards.

What do the different sounds mean when scanning?

There are three different sounds associated with three different thresholds based on the price.

  • Less than 1 USD/EUR.
  • Between 1 and 10 USD/EUR.
  • More than 10 USD/EUR.

When using another currency the threshold would be the converted value in USD/EUR.

Right now these thresholds are not configurable.