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Search F.A.Q.

The app supports multiple languages when searching cards. You can choose the default search language from the settings screen. Note that English will always be used as a fallback, so you could have the search in French and still be able to type cards in English.

How do I add mana symbols?

You might want to include a particular symbol when searching by mana cost or card text. You can add a symbol from the + icon next to the text field or type it out if you know the symbol code.

This card isn’t showing up

There could be a few reasons why this happens.

By default, the advanced search results ignore not legal cards. You can change this behavior with the “Ignore not legal cards” toggle at the top.

Card not in the database yet

If it’s a new / unreleased set, it’s possible that we haven’t had the time to add it yet. Normally we add cards after a set is fully spoiled (a couple of weeks before the official release date).

Aliased card

Sometimes cards are released with an alternate (alias) name, like the “Stranger Things” or “Godzilla” cards. The app supports searching by the alias, but the displayed card will be the art in the MTG universe.


If your card is old and you are using a search filter like the type of the card, it’s possible that the type you see in the physical card has been changed/renamed. This is commonly called Errata. If in doubt, just look for the card in the app, it will show the card text and type with most up to date rules.

How do the color filters work?

  • Exactly these colors: As the name says, the color of the cards will be the selected colors.
  • Including these colors: The cards returned will include the selected colors, with or without others.
  • At most these colors: Cards with maximum the specified colors plus colorless cards.
  • Commander colors: Select the color identity of your commander and you will get cards that you can play in your deck.